Stem Cell Nutrition in a Vitamin!

JDI Multi Vitamin and Mineral Supplement
with Stem Cell Nutrition
Dr. John Cappello:

I developed this product because I had some great personal results after using Vita-Stim Concentrate as far as eliminating joint pain, improving vision, eradicating eye floaters and increasing energy and mental acuity. I decided to design a product within the budget of everyone that could offer a result oriented MultiVitamin-MultiMineral with Stem Cell Nutrition and added Vitamin D. The goal is to cost effectively share this product with the world.

Emergent Stem Cells

All stem cells are capable of dividing and renewing themselves for long periods of time, and they can give rise to specialized cells. According to the National Institutes of Health, stem cells have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types in the body.

As we age, the body releases fewer and fewer ADULT STEM CELLS which are the body's rebuilding tools. STEM CELL NUTRITION helps overcome the aging process by promoting the release of additional ADULT STEM CELLS in the body.

Now available and affordable - a Revolutionary Vitamin and Minerals formula with Stem Cell Nutritional Support. 

JDI Multi Vitamin & Minerals with Stem Cell Nutrition Support